Straight provides Epson printers with world class printing.

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Straight provides Epson printers with world class printing.

Straight SC-F80600The employees of Straight are graphic artists in heart and soul. The company devises, designs and delivers work from 2005 to advertising agencies. For proofing, Straight has been using Epson printers since the beginning. “The reason is straightforward: those printers deliver the best possible proofs,” says co-founder and director Jaap van Bruggen.

For Straight, high-quality proof prints are of great importance. Van Bruggen and co-founder members Peter Kaars and Jan Geerling specialise in pre-press, in addition to lithography, graphic design and online design: a collective name for the processes between design and large-scale print of a packaging, poster, banner or other advertisements. “We want to be able to make those so-called proofing prints ISO standardised to ensure that the printed matter is as fair as possible. We have looked at different proofing systems, but the combination of the Epson SureColor SC-P7000 and Stylus Pro 7880 with the right software yielded outstanding results in the area of standard proofing “, says Van Bruggen.

Constantly measure
The company goes to the limit for the best result. Last year the company lithographed an art book by a famous Dutch designer. “We have looked at the actual artworks 40 to 50 times and have constantly adjusted and measured the colour profile, just as long as the colours in the book were the same as in the original works,” laughs Van Bruggen. “A lot of work, but it was worth it. The designer indicated that the book belongs to the best in the world as far as he is concerned. Of course, that did something with us. Epson certainly played a role in this. The test form of the book for the Buchenmesse in Frankfurt was 1-to-1 our test from the Epson SureColor SC-P7000, which indicates that Epson strives for high quality. ”


More than proofing
Although Straight used the Epson printer primarily for proofing, when it was time to replace it, the company decided to look for a new one that could offer some extras. “We had the space to invest in new printers,” says van Bruggen. “When we thought, would not it be nice if we bought a printer for proofing that could do a lot more? We then informed us well and came to the SureColor SC-S80600 from Epson. This printer ensures beautiful colours, even on difficult surfaces. After a large number of tests, we decided to leap in the deep. ”

Straight SC-P7000900 banners in a month and a half
Straight was not a moment too early, the same day a request came from a big customer. “We were asked to print roll up banners, and with the SC-S80600 we were able to do that right now. We produced those 900 banners in just a month and a half, and because the printer never has any problems, we were able to run it during the night. You can print it with a worry-free fault, and after a few clean cycles, what we can do ourselves so that we never have to deal with a long downtime of the printer. “, says Van Bruggen.

Good for the environment
At Straight, corporate social responsibility is high on the agenda. “We always wonder whether what we can do in a way that makes the world better, which means that we offer students practical experience, but also that we never outsource work to low-wage countries such as India,” explains Van Bruggen. “Besides that, we want to make the printing industry more environmentally conscious, for example, it is customary to throw away the metal casing of roll up banners after use, and we try to re-use them, which in most cases is also perfectly possible. By returning the aluminium frames to us for reuse. ”

Protect the customer
Straight is confident about the future, based on experiences from the past thirteen years. “Since 2005, thanks to Epson printers and our experience, we have succeeded in providing customers with high-quality proofs, and we also tell them how certain ink and paper respond to each other so that they know what to expect. If they are not satisfied with the printed matter, they can always show the printer with a proof print that it is not how it was agreed in advance, “concludes Van Bruggen.

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