Epson’s laser projectors create magic at Fotografiska

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Epson’s laser projectors create magic at Fotografiska

500_fotografiska-stills-0044Fotografiska has created a world-class meeting environment by projecting a coherent image on a 157 square meter surface, covering 270 degrees, can customise the room according to the customer’s wishes.

“The fantastic thing about F1 is not the premises itself; it’s the possibilities we have with the projectors. I love to show F1 to everyone who will hold an event because I know that when I turn on the system, I can see how it sparkles in their eyes. Then I know they will have their event here at Fotografiska. Helena Rex, Sales Manager at Photographic.”

Fotografiska, in collaboration with projector manufacturer Epson, has created a world-class meeting environment. In the event room F1 there are now eight Epson EB-L1100U laser projectors that can project a coherent image on a 157 square meter surface covering 270 degrees.

The solution allows Fotografiska to customise the environment depending on what the visitor wants. An event of a single copper in the archipelago can be turned into a meeting on the moon or a drink in a vibrant big city with a simple push of a button. The technology not only delivers a spectacular experience, it means that Fotografiska has something unique to offer its customers.

“Fotografiska is so much more than a traditional museum; we are a meeting place for everyone – regardless of whether you visit us for pleasure or business. Quality and guest experience is at the heart of everything we do, and together with Epson we can achieve that, “continues Helena Rex.

Fotografiska has high demands on quality and choosing a laser projector was given from the beginning, says Jens Blomhage, Audio & Visual Coordinator at Fotografiska.

500_fotografiska-stills-0019“We realised that we needed laser technology and with high demands on image quality and colour rendering, the choice fell on Epson. Thanks to the wide range of lenses, there was no problem for me to find the right one and because they have a zoom, it was also easy to install the system, “he says.

Laser technology also means real savings over time as Fotografiska does not need to spend as much time and resources on maintenance and replacement of lamps. The laser source in Epson projectors has a lifespan of up to 83,000 hours, and the projectors are delivered with a warranty of 20,000 hours or five years.

And for a solution like that on F1, which is based on eight projectors to interact side by side and present a unified environment, Epson has several features that provide the flexibility and simplicity required. The projectors can be mounted at any angle, and there is a network cable for feeding them. Once in place, built-in cameras continuously ensure that all projectors maintain the same brightness and display the same colours. Also, they are not hot and can, therefore, be run around the clock, all year round.

– In many ways, this is a perfect example of what we do on Epson, both in projectors and printers – we create trusted devices using state-of-the-art technology, allowing our customers end-users to use them to create. We often see it, but it’s rarely as obvious as here on F1, “says Magnus Hultquist.