This is my truth – Epson partners with leading photographers to discover how they capture and communicate the truth through their powerful images


This is my truth – Epson partners with leading photographers to discover how they capture and communicate the truth through their powerful images

Epson’s UK ‘This is my truth’ ambassador, Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite, World renowned landscape photographer named as Epson’s UK Photography Ambassador.

Epson has launched its ‘This is my truth’ initiative to discover what lies behind photography’s power to show the truth about the world that surrounds us. Over the next 12 months, five leading photographers will share what truth means to them in a series of interviews, insight and advice – online, on social media and live at events across Europe. Each photographer specialises in capturing a different subject and each has earned a global reputation for their iconic images.

They are: Passionate landscape photographer

  • Charlie Waite (UK); Wedding specialist
  • David Brenot (France)
  • Marco Grob(Switzerland) known for his distinctive portraits
  • Isabel Muňoz (Spain) who is fascinated by the human body
  •  Stefano Unterthiner (Italy) wildlife expert

Over the next few months, Epson will reveal how these Epson Ambassadors achieve total control over the integrity of their images – from capture to printed result – and ensure each photo conveys the moment, the story, the subject, the location, and above all their desire to communicate truth.

“It’s important to capture the truth of the landscape in my photography because I want to inspire people to look more and wonder at the beauty around us,” says Charlie Waite. “A landscape image cuts across all political and national boundaries; it transcends the constraints of language and culture.”

Each of these photographers prints their own images in their studios using Epson’s latest SureColor SC-P printers which have been developed to meet the high quality and reliability needs of photographers and fine artists.

“The print is the photograph’s rightful inheritance and I believe if you make your own photograph you must make your own print,” said Charlie. “I never forget the first print that I printed on an Epson years ago. It was an epiphany moment and I was overwhelmed as it came out of the printer because it took me right back to the very happy state of mind I was in when I made it. A print has that power; it gives you a more profound connection, a full engagement with your image.”

“These photographers are united by their passion to capture and print stunning images and all have gained global recognition for their work,” says Phil McMullin, sales manager for Pro Graphics, Epson UK.  “It’s very exciting that, for the first time, they have come together to give us access to their worlds and allow us to discover and share what drives them, their tools and techniques, and how they ensure their iconic images communicate truth without words.”

Watch out for regular ‘This is my truth’ updates from these photographers over the next 12 months.