More quality and less consumption with the SureColor


More quality and less consumption with the SureColor

SureColor printers make a real difference

There are sectors where the quality of work done largely depends on the tools used, and where state-of-the-art technology is vital. This is the case for EliofototecnicaBarbieri, which has equipped itself to take on new challenges by replacing its old plotters with large-format Epson printers.

EliofototecnicaBarbieri: where ideas take shape
A reference point for anyone involved in town planning, civil engineering, tourism, geology and the environment in the Emilia-Romagna region, EliofototecnicaBarbieri was founded in Parma, Italy in 1978 when printing was still analogue and used solvents and ammonia to develop images.

Today, the company works with public bodies, professionals and companies to offer solutions ranging from digital printing and communication products to database management and geographic data processing in a GIS environment for the production and printing of technical and thematic mapping. It also manages and develops the Emilia-Romagna region Cartographic Archive.

Whether it’s excursion maps and material for mass tourism, or thematic and technical mapping for professional use, the company is capable of managing the entire process from printing to distribution with professionalism, efficiency and speed, offering quality drawings and wide-ranging assistance.

“Our company,” says Valentina Tegoni, sales manager at EliofototecnicaBarbieri, “has always been characterised by a variety of types of people interacting with each other, allowing us to manage a wide range of activities by always working highly synergistically to meet requirements with innovative solutions and advanced tools, right down to the smallest details.”

Renewal at the right time: the secret of a successful company
Over the course of the years, the company has decided to replace a good number of its now-obsolete plotters with more modern and high-performance printers, and selected Epson as the supplier.

“It was necessary to replace the old plotters,” explains Andrea Nicoli, Marketing and IT Manager of EliofototecnicaBarbieri, “because they no longer provided the quality that today’s clients need. The new solutions from Epson, on the other hand, allow us to obtain prints of the highest quality, save time and reduce management costs.”

This change was supported by various tests conducted before purchase, which showed that Epson’s solutions were clearly better in terms of performance and consumption than the models used previously.

Following the purchase of the new equipment, the company was able to expand its offering to include fine art, a sector that is rapidly expanding, and in which a complete service can be provided which is not limited to printing, but first does post-production on images and can also include consultancy phases directly for photographic operators.

Powerful, fast printers meet all client needs
EliofototecnicaBarbieri has acquired a complete and varied set of Epson equipment with which it can meet the full range of requirements of its clients, from printing of photographic renderings to thematic and geographic mapping. In its two local offices in Parma, the main one of which is Print Service, a separate office within the campus of the University of Parma, the company has installed a SureColor SC-S40600, a SureColor SC-P20000, a SureColor SC-P9000 and four SureColor SC-T7200s.

A large-format high-speed printer with four colours, the SC-T7200 provides optimised performance for graphic applications, CAD designs and GIS mapping in the most dynamic production environments. Thanks to its image processing power and high printing speed, it meets the requirements of productivity and flexibility required by EliofototecnicaBarbieri.

For signage work, the company uses a SureColor SC-S40600, a high-performance machine which supports a wide range of substrates, and which has specific functions to ensure high levels of productivity, such as automated printhead maintenance and an ink mist collection system.

The production of printing and professional colour tests requiring the highest quality is carried out depending on the size of the images to be created, with the SureColor SC-P20000 and SC-P9000V and two photographic printers with PrecisionCore Micro TFP heads, which provide exceptional results with resolution of up to 2400x1200dpi. The SureColor SC-P20000 can support media of up to 162.6 cm in width and uses Epson UltraChrome Pro inks with 10 colours for uniform printing of exceptional quality, including rich and consistent black thanks to high-density Photo Black and Matte Black inks. The SC-P9000V, on the other hand, supports media of up to 112.8 cm using inks with UltraChrome HDX pigments with 10 colours and a specially-developed violet ink which allows reproduction of 99% of the Pantone® certified colours, even those which are most difficult to spot.

“With the new set of equipment,” continues Nicoli, “we can now produce significant volumes at the highest quality and within a short time, which is all down to the integration into our production system of high-speed, efficient and high-performance printers. This investment has definitely given us a significant quality boost.”

“In today’s market,” says Renato Sangalli, Business Manager ProGraphics at Epson Italy, “where there is a wide and varied range of products, it is important to be able to count on modern, high-quality printers that can meet the many and varied demands of clients. As in many other sectors, professional printing is continually evolving, and it is important not to remain behind so as not to lose significant growth opportunities.”