Mole Valley Farmers chose Epson for perfect prints every time

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Mole Valley Farmers chose Epson for perfect prints every time

The advances in colour rendition are placing previously unimagined control of marketing graphics output into the hands of designers. The ability to visualise a concept, render it on screen then output accurate proofs in-house, is revolutionising the advertising and packaging industry. When Mole Valley Farmers realised just how much more control over the process they could take, they went shopping for a large format inkjet printer.

Retail company requires accurate colour proofs

Mole Valley Farmers has a busy design studio, responsible for the company’s visual branding both online and in print. They regularly use presentation boards for product packaging demonstrations, which requires them to reproduce proofs of packaging concepts with an extremely accurate colour fidelity to the final product.

Until recently, these presentation boards were all outsourced for printing, but the design studio team were well aware of the benefits of being able to produce proof quality facsimiles of new packaging designs in-house, realising the advantages in time, control, and cost. They researched printers capable of meeting their print size and colour needs, and their shortlist included the Epson SureColor SC-P9000.

Colour control is everything

Nigel Bond, on behalf of the Mole Valley Farmers design studio, contacted Focal Point Imaging to arrange a demonstration of the printer. There was a concern that without bespoke media profiling it would be difficult to reproduce specific colours accurate enough to match corporate branding in only a half day demonstration. However, the SureColor SC-P9000 produced a visually identical match to the preferred colour swatches not only at its first attempt but in each subsequent print as well! It was clear that before the Mole Valley Farmers delegation had left the Focal Point showroom, their decision had been made.

Focal Point made a site visit before delivery to confirm the best location for the new printing station. They also provided installation and training for the design studio staff after delivery. The installation date was before the start of the Devon County Show. The Devon County Show is the premier annual celebration of all aspects of life and works in the county of Devon and a major showcase for the Mole Valley Farmers brand. The Show Team agreed that the ‘out-of-the-box’ quality of several of the test prints produced during the commissioning of the printer was so good that they could be used for the company’s trade stand at the show.

After using the SureColor SC-P9000 for only a short while, the design studio team at Mole Valley Farmers are already adding tasks to


it beyond their original requirements. Its colour accuracy means that they can create proofs not just for packaging concepts, but also for their in-house advertising publications and prints.

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