Fashion Meets Fine Art: Art-A-Porter

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Fashion Meets Fine Art: Art-A-Porter

how many times have you gone shopping only to end up in a boutique offering the same items with no personality?

Probably too many. It seems like people are getting tired of fast fashion and are now looking for quality products that have just the right amount of originality. One brand has heard the people and is now offering the perfect mix of art and fashion.

Launched only two months ago, the brand Art-A-Porter is already creating a buzz on the web, especially on social media. With the mission of making art more accessible to buyers, co-founder Louis Moreau and Thierry Charlebois have created a product that is the fusion of art and high-fashion. “We really built a clothing brand around the concept of an art gallery. It was very important for us to keep that artistic direction. We wanted to go further than the basic cheap t-shirt with an anonymous design you can find at every big clothing retailer” explains Louis.

In that spirit, they are producing high-end clothing made in Montreal on which they print works of art from uber talented artists from around the world. To make sure the results are top quality, they use a special process to seal the design on the fabrics. “The person in charge of the process has an art formation. They dye the clothes with a sublimation technique applied one product at the time. The result is amazing! This way, we make sure the design doesn’t fade away after too many wash” says Louis.

In case something happen to your item, they will reproduce your artwork on the same piece of clothing if possible, at a fee of 50% of the original.  It is truly all about that art gallery experience.“We have the same way of production than what they do in photography. Each edition has its own number and we produce the clothing in limited series. It is exactly like what they do when you purchase a work of art in a gallery. The artwork is still yours even if something happens to the clothing” explains the co-founder Louis Moreau.



It is interesting to see a company more focused on the artistic aspect of the items they are selling than the quantity. “People are so over fast fashion! Brands need to go back to what fashion used to be about, which means creating something unique and beautiful that helps people expressing themselves. That is wh at the buyers want.” says Moreau.
“We love to explore that new medium. We work in collaboration with the artists to make sure we respect their artistic vision. Every month, we create a new creation with them. On our website, we have that section named Portofolio where people can submit their artwork. The curator we are working with go through the submissions and makes a selection. Of course we have some of them that are automatically favorite” he added.

A concept so original that the public’s reaction is extraordinary,  “I think people really feel that we are serious about the art gallery concept. We have received thousands of submissions in the first month only. We didn’t plan to expand so fast but we are actually in discussion with important art galleries like the MET (in New York) and even Usher has reached out to us! In the end, our mission is to join together the world of Fine Arts and the arts, to offer our consumers pieces of art at a reasonable price. It’s the best of both worlds.”

source: dresstokillmagazine