Art printing on a large scale

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Art printing on a large scale

Paul Sinus Art is a printing service company based in Germany that specialises in fine art printing, in particular of the artist’s contemporary motif prints.

Paul Sinus is the artist name of Andreas Meier, the company’s CEO. In 2004, Meier founded the Sinus Art Gallery to market his original pictures and digital collages. Today, the trained painter with his team of around 35 employees, offers a wide range of high-quality art products. In addition to his artwork, they also offer art by other contemporary artists, printed under licence. The company also offers custom-printed T-shirts and mugs. Paul Sinus Art also has a printing service for photographers and an image designer who helps customers to upload their pictures, edit them, adapt them to the wall colour of their room and print them out.

Productivity growth with new LFP systems
With the success of the business, the demand for its services also grew. The company now has 11 large format systems, all of them from Epson. On top of this, there are seven 64-inch SureColor SC-S series printers, five SureColor SC-F2000 T-shirt printers, and a dye sublimation printer for custom printed mugs. “The seven SC-S series systems were all purchased in 2016 to replace 22 older large format printers,” explains Andreas Meier. “They take up less space and are much faster, with better print quality.”
The most recent additions to the company’s fleet of printers are two SureColor SC-S80600s in late 2016, early 2017. “We are currently printing around 15,000m2 a month,” explained Mr Meier. “The largest part of this figure, around 98%, are art prints on canvas, mostly for private customers, which we usually mount.”

High quality

The CEO is enthusiastic about the quality of the prints. “Through the use of Eco-Solvent inks from Epson, the prints look as if they are painted – an effect that I like my pictures. The durability is also very good and the SC-S80600’s 9-colour inks ensure a very large tonal range and brilliant colours. We pride ourselves on high quality – it’s the basis of our business.”

The two most recent additions are the fastest, printing at more pov 90m2 per hour, produce mainly canvas prints. “It was also important for us that the colours used by the SC-S80600 met the requirements of Greenguard Gold and other environmental certificates. As the prints are odourless, it’s no problem to use them even in places such as hospitals and schools,” says Meier.

The company needs more space because of growing demand and is about to move into a larger building. “When the works are completed, we will have 750m2 for the print room and workshops. The demand for custom-printed T-shirts and mugs is also increasing.”

Andreas Meier has gained a good reputation in the fine art market because of the high-quality standard of his artworks produced on Epson’s large format printers. He is accordingly very confident about the future of his company. And, among other things, has planned a new shop for the new business premises.