Alex[a]lexa X Epson Di Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

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Alex[a]lexa X

Alex[a]lexa X Epson Di Jakarta Fashion Week 2018

Alex[a]lexa X Epson is working closely with one of EPSON’s leading printing companies, Alex [a] lexa provides exciting options for your fans ready to wear!

Being a reliable company in digital imaging, EPSON provides a new sensation by inviting some renowned designers to display a collection of digital textile printing themed. One of them is Alex [a] lexa. Unlike other designers incorporated in “Epson’s Print Your Passion” show, the design of Alex [a] lexa gives a more modern impression with urban chic style.

Creating urban wear with a playful twist, Alex’s collection [a] lexa is still identical using a minimalist silhouette. This collection is sweetened with motifs that spread throughout the surface of the shirt, perfect for you who want to look trendy without complicated! Want to Try “Chinning” the More Selfie Hits on Instagram? Check out how! Know 3 Korean Products That Become a Trendsetter in the World of Beauty Know 13 If You Think 13 Things You Do This Is Considered Sexy By Men? Revealed! 3 Secrets of Glowing Facial Skin Miranda Kerr Yuk Appear Beautiful with Andien Andalan Product In addition to being able to translate the idea of the designers to be real with the colours that live, EPSON also managed to give the opportunity to the designer to be able to express creativity freely!

Alex[a]lexa X
Yup, through digital textile printing technology, creative designers are expected to become unlimited and easier to introduce printing technology to other local brands.

Today, Kami Idea launches the latest collection, which is also a collaboration with EPSON at Jakarta Fashion Week 2018. Using digitally printed fabrics with Epson printers, in the fashion show themed “Epson’s Print Your Passion”! A local brand named Kami Idea is a clothing brand that is under the auspices of three female designers namely, Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina and Afina Candarini. The beginning of the establishment of this brand is on their idea because they feel the opportunity of local brands that carry the concept of modest wear is still wide open in Indonesia. They observed that Indonesia began to be a fashion mecca for modest wear and Muslim wear from various countries. Seeing the weather in tropical Indonesia, We Idea always consistently provide a selection of clothes that are not only comfortable to wear although closed but also wearable and up to date. Together with Epson, We Idea brings fashionable ready to wear clothing to Muslim women who want to keep looking fashionable or for women who want to look polite at some events. Its design is oversized and loose, very comfortable to wear every day! Not to mention the colour choices are beautiful and calm, suitable to look chic without looking too much.


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